Color Me Queer

When Nature Calls

June 06, 2021 QTalk Radio Season 1 Episode 3
Color Me Queer
When Nature Calls
Show Notes

In this episode of Color Me Queer, host Camila Camaleón sits down with Cassandra Tham to talk about her story and experience with community-based organizations. Learn why environmentally conscious work is important to Cassandra, and what are some simple actions that you can take to help our planet.

We thank Cassandra for the sustainable development of our team and the intersectional lens between both race and LGBTQ+ identity that we explore in today’s episode. 

Happy Pride!

Cassandra Tham (she/her)
Volunteer Coordinator | SGV LGBTQ Center 

Camila Camaleón
Pronouns She/Her/Ella

San Gabriel Valley LGBTQ Center

Camila “La Loca” Camaleón is a paradigm shifter, bridge-builder, and queer archivist based in the San Gabriel Valley region of Los Angeles. Her origin story began in the unceded Chumash territory in which the lessons were cemented upon her return home to the beautiful Tongva land. Her ARTivism centers joy, playfulness, and power as gender deviant folks to the center.

Heart Healing Movement is the embodiment of trekking soundscapes through your mind, body, soul, and spirit. As a SOULtrepreneur her practice is centered around the muscle of joy as a lifestyle. It is in her writing, the dance floor, and various speaking engagements that the practice of Heart Healing Movement commences. Through Camila’s specialty in leadership development, “La Loca” has been able to find power in her presence as the first Trans Woman President of the San Gabriel Valley LGBTQ+ Center.

Her Heart Healing Movement is most notably known through her ZOOMbA Con Camila! classes that occur via various partnerships with LGBTQ+ service-based organizations. By hearing the rhythm of the world one practices playfulness by dancing, shaking it up, and owning the beat!

ZUMBA™ Instructor w/ @EverybodyLosAngeles
IG: @Camila.Camaleon

This podcast is brought to you by the San Gabriel Valley LGBTQ Center and QTalk Radio and is produced and edited by Xavier Mejia.

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