Color Me Queer

Diosa Femme: The Queer Femme Goddess

October 28, 2021 QTalk Radio Season 1 Episode 5
Color Me Queer
Diosa Femme: The Queer Femme Goddess
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Get ready for a dose of HIGH-FEMME, because host Camila Camaleón gets on the mic with the one and only Diosa Femme! Diosa talks about what it means to take ownership of her narrative and space as a queer femme goddess and how that led to the creation of Locatora Radio with her co-host, Mala Muñoz.

You don't want to miss when Camilia and Diosa share a nostalgic moment as they talk about their time as part of a Queer - Latinx - Chicanx - Brown and Down group known at UC Santa Barbara as La Familia.

This episode of Color Me Queer was recorded during Pride Month (on June 10, 2021).

Diosa Femme
Pronouns She/Her

Co-Founder of Locatora Radio | Podcast Producer | Host | Writer | Creator of Locas Por Libros

Diosa received her B.A. in Literature and Creative Writing from UC Santa Barbara, where she was also heavily involved in the student artivist/activist community. After graduating in 2015, she was a grassroots community organizer, working with Immigrant women to produce educational events and mobilize their community to be politically involved. She currently works in the Assisted Living field, managing services for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities. Diosa is also a freelance writer and has written for Remezcla, Fierce by Mitu, and Hip Latina. Her writing is focused on sexual health & wellness, radical self-care, and feminism.

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Camila Camaleón
Pronouns She/Her/Ella

San Gabriel Valley LGBTQ Center

Camila “La Loca” Camaleón is a paradigm shifter, bridge-builder, and queer archivist based in the San Gabriel Valley region of Los Angeles. Her origin story began in the unceded Chumash territory in which the lessons were cemented upon her return home to the beautiful Tongva land. Her ARTivism centers joy, playfulness, and power as gender deviant folks to the center.

ZUMBA™ Instructor w/ @EverybodyLosAngeles
IG: @Camila.Camaleon

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